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Supporting Independent Craft

Here in the Introvert, we believe in independent small businesses that promote the values of old: honesty, quality, and sustainability, creating community by supporting real connections between human beans 🫛.

Dawn Nelson lives within the beautiful South Downs. Her specialism is landscape, heritage and nature interpretation. She works with heritage sites, museums, schools, outdoor educators, community groups, councils and libraries to bring the world around us to life through story.


She has worked with The South Downs National Park Authority, Butser Ancient Farm, Gilbert White's House & Gardens, Petersfield Museum and Winchester Museum as well as many other organisations in Hampshire and Sussex.


You can find her performing stories at events such as Boat Burnings, Beltane celebrations and multi-period re-enactment shows.

Her passion is connecting people with nature, history and the landscape that surrounds them, through storytelling and you can keep up to date with Dawn’s work by visiting her website where you will find her newsletter, podcast, news and upcoming events.

Stories of The Sun.jpeg
Stories of the Sun
Within the pages of this book lies the chance to reconnect with our primal life force through folklore, exploration of ancient cultures, myths, legends and tales of our past. By understanding the power of our ancient star through the wisdom of those who walked this land before us, we can hope to unplug ourselves from the synthetic glow that surrounds our lives and reconnect with the Stories of the Sun.
As an author, podcaster and performance storyteller, working to connect people with the landscape, heritage and nature, I recorded a year of sunrises when I challenged myself to get up once a month and greet the day... 
About The Folk Lore Box
Behind this fantastic enterprise is Matt Willis - graphic designer by day and conjurer of mythical craft shaped by his love for illustration and folklore by night.
His successful story of channelling his passion into the indie business is immensely inspiring!
No words of mine will tell you the story better than the man behind the Folk Lore Box himself!
Read it HERE!

Illustration 4 Stones Under Moonlight.png
About Wildlife Fen:

Inspired by the love for the Natural World and seasonal life.
Its founders have been studying and enjoying nature for most of their lives. This has evolved in many ways, from growing organic herbs, plants and produce to foraging wild edibles and healing plants.
Today, they create artwork using plants they grow or sustainably forage, weaving them into items to support your wellbeing and self-care practices and encourage a deeper connection with nature.

Today, on Wednesday, March 20th, at precisely 03:06 hours GMT, The Wheel of the Year had turned again!

Written in collaboration with Chrisy and Nic from Wild Fen
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