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Our Mission
Create a safe space and give the unrepresented voice.
Help young writers publish their works.
Motivate and collaborate with starting creators.
Impart nourishing newsfeed supporting growth and wellbeing. 
Provide wholesome entertainment and learning.
Who we are

The Introvert is an independent newspaper and magazine covering what is missing in the mainstream press - the representation of the minorities.  

As an introvert with A
uDHD and a physically disabled woman, I don't feel widely represented or even cared about by the media at large.

Thanks to people like Chr
is Packham, this is slowly changing, and so inspired, I decided to bring about change by creating this project.

The Introvert provides information and news about neurodiversity, mental health, disability and wellbeing.


It is a platform to share your experiences, where you can find help and advice.


But also a cosy space for your special interests, such as books, folklore, adventure, history and crafts.

Our Beliefs
“You are never pre-qualified to live your dreams. You qualify yourself by doing the work. By committing – even overcommitting – to what you believe you should do.”
Dr. Benjamin Hardy
“You have to assemble your life yourself, action by action.”
Marcus Aurelius
The Future

The Introvert was founded by Dee Crute and and started as a one-person enterprise to expand into a full-time project with paid columnists and support staff. 

Currently, it is in the development stage.


Still, once established, it will be linked to Patreon, funding its expenses and with growth - writers, creators and collaborators. 

The Introvert is already open to submissions - learn about it here!

A word from the editor-in-chief
Don't wait for permission, acceptance or mastery - start doing what you always wanted and meant to do. Start now.
If you want to write a story, you must simply write day in and out.

But that is only the beginning - you need to edit your manuscript until you are happy with how it reads to you.
The same is true for life - you are your own writer and editor.

Have the courage to assemble your life with small steps and every day will bring you closer and closer to your dreams.
Ask and seek help. Connect. 
Be bold - look your fear into the eyes, and it will become easier and easier for you.

I am afraid and embarrassed every day - so what? Keep going.
Here in The Introvert, you will find the tools to live your life instead of just existing.
Dee Crute, editor-in-chief
The Team
  • This could be you! Learn more here.

  • In the current development stage, Dee Crute, The Introvert's founder, holds the following posts: researcher, reporter,  journalist, editor-in-chief and operations. 


I had varied careers, from being a scientist and a writer in academia to a police officer and detective.

With becoming even more disabled, many doors closed on me. But I see it as a blessing  - it pushed me to create my own paths and gather the courage to fulfil my dreams.

Instead of waiting for a chance to be offered a job as a travel writer or lamenting the lack of funds for another degree - this time in journalism - I decided to use what skills and qualifications (Accredited Investigator in the public and private sector) I already have and just do it.

This is how I became a journalist and travel writer and founded The Introvert.

Am I any good? Not yet - but the only way to learn is through experience - by doing the doing.

I have almost ten years of experience as a police officer, including being a detective on various teams and assisting in investigating homicides.


I operated in uniform and in plain clothes in many perilous situations. I had my share in undercover operations seeking wanted dangerous offenders and working closely with the UK Border Force.


I am trained in safeguarding and risk assessment.


I worked with different communities and learned about their cultures. I have expertise in our domestic legislation and human rights and how our central and local government and private partnerships work. 

I know how to investigate, talk to people, and seek information.

But most importantly,  I am driven by injustice, and my passion for helping others has always been burning inside me.


It was a reason for volunteering as a medic for the British Red Cross and joining  - as well as leaving - the police.

To learn more about my story, head to the About Me.


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