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All submissions are on a voluntary basis, and the Introvert is currently unable to provide you with fees or remuneration for your expenses.
The Introvert is a community-safe space where members can find help and information as well as content pertaining to hobbies and interests.
The Introvert will accept the following formats:
  • Guest Blogs
  • Reviews
  • News and Articles
  • Any Creative Collaborations

Please email your submission pitch to:
You can upload your media here:
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The editor-in-chief will review your guest blog submission or reviews, and upon meeting community guidelines, your work will be posted in the relevant section under your name.

News and Articles will be researched and reviewed - please provide the Editor with your bibliography, which will be published along with your article. 
Firstly, please don't feel intimidated by the guidelines (especially the full print at the bottom of the page). This is something that I have to include but won't really affect you when sharing your guest blog or creative endeavours collaborations.

Being practical, I have created a summary - please read it. I know how overwhelming it can be to go through all the "small print".

However, if you are an aspiring journalist and want to collaborate, I suggest reading everything to avoid doubt.

At this stage,
The Introvert is not a registered business but a personal endeavour; for that reason, we can only accept free contributions. We cannot accept volunteers or paid freelance creators. 
Please be kind and courteous to yourself and others.

Whatever you do is on you - you are responsible for what you do and write. 

Don't name anyone else in your work unless they give you permission - ideally, you would have it in writing.

Your contributions are yours and will feature under your name.
The Introvert will not have copyrights - thus, you can ask for your work to be removed, or you can publish it wherever you like - but please advise the editor of this.

But most importantly - enjoy your creativity! 
It's great to have you on board!
Full Print:
1. The Introvert will accept voluntary - that is, unpaid - contributions only.
2. At this stage, the Introvert is not a registered business but a personal endeavour.
3. Writers will be referred to as contributors, not volunteers, as they will not hold volunteer or freelance writer status. 

4. The Introvert cannot currently pay fees, reimburse any expenses, or cover their insurance.

5. The Introvert will not indemnify nor take any legal liability for the contributor's actions; this includes plagiarism - the responsibility lies solely with the author.

6. The contributors can submit any work to the Introvert - their blog, reviews, visual arts, including their own research. However, the Introvert will not commission nor take any liability or responsibility for the contributor's actions.

7. As a personal endeavour (not a registered business),
the Introvert is unable to take any responsibility for the Safety and Wellbeing of contributors; thus, we will not commission nor condone any journalist work for the Introvert. We will, however, accept written work based on your personal and private endeavours on the proviso that no one came to harm and no laws were broken.

8. We, however, care for the safety and wellbeing of anyone and strongly advise not to do anything without appropriate safety training and insurance cover. 

9. The Introvert indemnifies contributors against defamation claims.

10. The Introvert will not commission any work other than accepting the contributor's work.

11. A
ny contribution will be checked and, if needed, edited by the editor-in-chief, and any news or articles will be researched and reviewed. Thus, you must provide the editor-in-chief with your materials and bibliography.

12. You have exclusive copyright to your contribution, and thus, you are allowed to request your contributions to be taken off the page - this, however, will be done within a reasonable time of fortnight, that is, two weeks, but will be arranged to be done as soon as possible.

13. The Introvert would kindly ask to keep to the 3-week deadline following contributing so the Introvert can manage the fortnightly content.

14. Take pride in your work - you are awesome!

15. All communication will be conducted via email

By submitting your work, you warrant and agree that:

  • You shall observe the highest ethical standards, including abiding by confidentiality or other statutory or common law rights of any third-party

  • You shall not bring The Introvert's reputation into disrepute;

  • Your work shall be your own and not copied wholly or materially from any other source, nor contain defamatory statements nor otherwise breach the privacy, confidentiality or other statutory or common law rights of any third-party or constitute contempt of court;

  • Any material in your work which is sourced from others shall be appropriately attributed, and all facts substantiated and checked for accuracy (on submitting your contribution, any concerns regarding factual accuracy should be declared to your editor);

  • Your work may be edited as we see fit, usually for clarity, length and tone, and you will respond to any request for information, fact-checking or changes in a timely manner.

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