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Dee's Portfolio

Dee Crute

• Writer & Editor, Photographer, Naturalist, Disabled Adventuress

• Hiking/Wild Camping, Nature for Healing, Outdoors & Disability,  Adventure for Introverts

• England, Wales, South West Coast Path, Skomer


Dee Crute

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• Founder & editor-in-chief of The Introvert

• Writer & Journalist on inclusion rights, nature and adventure

• Member of The Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild

Investigative Qualifications

• Author (Genre: Memoira, Nature & Travel Writing, Self-Help & Personal Development)

• Photographer (Landscapes, Nature)

• Campaigner for diversity, disability inclusion (The Introverts Adventure Club) and women's rights

• I was interviewed by Sussex Wildlife Trust on Nature, Healing & Neurodiversity.

• I was invited to join the Wild Muse Nature Writing Prize by the founders

• Speaker at The International Hike Like a Woman Summit, where I highlighted the need of inclusion in the outdoor industry

• Chemistry College graduate, Biology undergrad, Biotechnology BSc (Hons), Reproductive Physiology PhD (aborted due to domestic abuse)

Worked as a scientist and a writer for reproduction toxicology in maiden years

Volunteered for the British Red Cross as a medic for the "Safe Space" project, assisting the police and ambulance on weekend nights.

• Worked for the Criminal Justice Department on Prosecution Cases

• I swore my allegiance to the Crown as a Police Constable in 2015

Predominantly, I investigated and managed dangerous sexual offenders, domestic abuse, rapes, stalking, and serious violence. I also investigated sudden deaths on behalf of the Coroner and assisted in major investigations such as murders, kidnaps, modern slavery and child abuse.

• I have wide experience in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, specialising in stalking and domestic abuse. 

Specialist Activities

• Hiking

• Wild Camping,

• Nature for Healing,

• Outdoors & Disability,

• Adventure for Introverts

About Me

I am new to the industry and looking forward to being included in work with a range of magazines, private clients and publishers despite my neurodegenerative disability affecting my mobility and cognition.

Photography Sample


The Unexpected Journey


Nature, Healing and Neurodiversity - The Interview

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