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Ostara: Time of Growth and Balance

Updated: Apr 17

Written in collaboration with Chrisy and Nic from Wild Fen

Red catkins on a branch
Black Alder © Dee Crute

Living according to the seasons.

Today, on Wednesday, March 20th, at precisely 03:06 hours GMT, The Wheel of the Year had turned again! The Sun positioned itself precisely above the equator, making the day and night equal in length and marking the beginning of the astronomical spring.

Many moons ago, people observed the seasonal changes, adjusting their lives to them, working longer and harder during harvest and slowing down during winter.

wooden bowl with dried botanicals
Loose Incense Blends © Wild Fen

The revolution...

These fluctuations in productivity were congruent with nature. Still, the Industrial Revolution and the rise of capitalism and consumerism made our lives incompatible with seasonal changes.

We needed workers to produce commodities and services 24/7, regardless of daylight or winter tiredness. Thus, our electricity needs increased to ensure that our "bright" future was worked upon.

And its consequences...

But after many centuries, we found ourselves becoming increasingly unwell—both physically and mentally. We realised that despite having modern medicine, we could not keep up, and our lifestyles started destroying the environment.

Realising this, many of us started seeking a connection with nature and dreaming about the old ways.

None of us alone can change the world; it cannot happen overnight—perhaps not even in one generation. But we need to try and set an example.


In 2023 - after a physical and mental health breakdown - I evaluated my life, finding my lifestyle conflicting with my values and hurting my wellbeing.

And thus, having placed nature in the centre, decluttered and simplified my life, I created a healing balance. 

Decluttering is very important as we constantly seek distraction—be it with games, social media, or constantly buying stuff.

And yet, none of these are inherently wrong or bad for us.

Reading or gaming is not bad if we do it out of a passion for the subject, to rest or learn rather than chasing another new game bestseller or trying to hit that 100th book on our reading app. Whatever we do needs to be done for good reason and mindfully.

The same is true of social media—if used for true connection and support, it may change people's lives for the better rather than put FOMO pressure on us.

The same goes for buying. Supporting mass production—because everyone's got it—may be more than just adding yet another thing we don't need and will soon get bored with; it may also support unfair trade or even modern slavery. 

On the other hand, buying hand-made products from local and/or small businesses supports a sustainable future. Each product has a soul, being a labour of love. Being mindful of this, we cherish it, breaking the constant need and wanting to buy more and more.

moon-shaped wooden jewellery
Wild Moon Pendants © Wild Fen

It is all about creating balance.

That's why, wanting to live sustainably and independently, I decided to support small businesses that share the same values.

Today, during Spring Equinox, I thought it would be best to introduce you to one of the independent businesses I value, Wild Fen, by inviting its founders, Chrisy and Nic, to tell you about:


printed cards
Seasonal Reflection Cards © Wild Fen

Ostara, the celebration of the Spring Equinox, falls on March 20th 2024, in the UK this year. On this day, night and day length return to an equal balance once again. The light then continues to expand until it reaches its peak at Litha, the Summer Solstice. 

Ostara can be a good point to reflect on the areas in our own lives where we would like to cultivate more balance. We may also like to reflect on what energises us and prioritise more space for these things in the coming weeks.

Other Ostara practices you may find supportive around this time include:

  • Having a spring clear out and declutter of our spaces. This can be therapeutic, especially at this time of year. Try opening the windows and allowing the fresh air and light in and play some music you find uplifting too.

  • Plant some seeds. These could be herbs, flowers or vegetables that you would like to grow this year.

  • Notice any signs of spring you feel around you. Have you noticed any flowers, new leaves, more light or any changes to bird song recently?

  • Grab a pen and paper and brainstorm what dreams or ideas you would like to grow this year.

Our love for the Natural World inspired the creation of Wild Fen.

We have both been studying and enjoying nature for most of our lives. This has evolved in many ways from growing organic herbs, plants and produce to foraging wild edibles and healing plants. We love to concoct natural remedies and celebrate the beauty and magic of nature through photography, artwork and creations.

We grow or sustainably forage every plant that we work with. Weaving them into items to support your wellbeing and self care practices and encourage a deeper connection with nature.

wooden pendant against grey background
Blackthorn pendant © Wild Fen

We live a seasonal and wild life, close to nature in our hand built van home. We have recently moved to a plot of land in the Northamptonshire countryside where we can grow more of our beloved plants to weave into our creations.

Forest Incense Burner © Wild Fen

If you want to receive regular updates from Wild Fen, you can subscribe to their website HERE.

Don't forget to follow on Instagram @wildfenbotanicals to learn more about slow living!

I have purchased my prints from Wild Fen Etsy Shop here.

And that's all folks!

Ostara blessings to all!


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