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The Unexpected Journey: Way To Healing

Episode 3: Big Plans

coast bathed in sun rays
South West Coast Path November 2022 (by Dee Crute)

Welcome back, my dear Folks!

In the last episodes, I told you what led to my current situation and that I want to rebuild my life based on my values and who I am.

To do this, I had to ask myself whether my current lifestyle and life choices work for me? For my neurodiversity and disabilities?

The answer was no - they do not.

I also stated that I found a lot of work environments and society setups rigid and moulded for neurotypical people without disabilities, causing me stress at least and harm at worst.

I have realised that I am not alone. Many of you feel this way, and Pete Wharmy (@commaficionado) recently published his book titled "Untypical: How the World isn't built for autistic people and what we should do about this". I am yet to read his book, but first, I want to finish mine... Read on to learn more!

I do not want to become an activist - but I want to champion people who are vulnerable like me. Hence I decided to take my Unexpected Journey onto a new level!

The Unexpected Journey - is becoming a large project to advocate for disability+neurodiversity inclusiveness, nature and simple living for wellbeing and environment.

Sunset over the field
South Downs, Summer 2022 (by Dee Crute)

It will involve two books:

Adventuring Against All Odds

A memoir, or more a time travel (I will not bore you to death with the whole story of my life) using my experience as an example of neurodiverse conditions, explaining symptoms and consequences of not being diagnosed early.

I will cover my childhood, adolescence, through adulthood to the point of mental and physical breakdown.

I will pause at each symptom and speculate, "What could have helped" using the 'gift' of hindsight, my current strategies and autism coaching.

I want to create a guide for everyone, but especially for neurodivergent folk, written by a neurodivergent writer who went through many ups and downs wanting to help you to get a diagnosis, to understand your neurodivergence and to know why you think, feel and behave as you are. I want to help you find the best strategies to harness traits you struggle with and amplify your superpowers.

Yes! Your traits can be your superpowers!

I am not a medical doctor or psychologist, but I have an academic background in physiology and, most importantly, 36 years of living with Autism and ADHD, which were only diagnosed recently.

A person walking towards the horizon across the fields
South Downs, Sussex 2022 (by Dee Crute)

The Unexpected Journey

A sequel, starting off from the point of breakdown and taking you on a journey with me to rethink and rebuild your life.

It will involve my insights into the neurotypical world compared with my values and neurodivergent traits.

It will also take you on an expedition to heal - describing how I approached my trauma, PTSD, Fibromyalgia and neurodiversity.

We, people with neurodiversity and/or disabilities, can live happy, fulfilled and inclusive lives. But we need to create them - and I will show you how based on my experience.

My books will also involve some adventures, beautiful landscapes and nature. Things that helped me to cope with undiagnosed autism and ADHD. I hope that this will also bring you joy and peace.

The Unexpected Journey Project also involves life changes that will promote healing.

As you may expect, knowing me, I placed nature in the centre.

I have recently given an interview to Sussex Wildlife Trust about nature's healing powers. Still, I want to take it a step further.

I broke the project down into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 - Decluttering and kickstarting healing.

  • Phase 2 - VanLife

  • Phase 3 - Creating balance

bee on a magenta wallflower
Common Furrow Bee, 2022 (by Dee Crute)
Phase 1 - Decluttering and kickstarting healing.

I want to remove every distraction from my life and focus on what will help me to get better and what matters to me.

Nature, animals, adventures, and helping others are the key.

Also, finding a place to stay before I secure finances for DeeWaggon (see Phase 2!).

The answer is simple - albeit I am sure you will find me mad!

I need to vacate my current house by the end of April. I decided to do something bold to bring back my confidence and rebuild the self-esteem I lost through bullying and developing fibromyalgia.

I am going on an adventure!

"Gandalf: You'll have a tale or two to tell when you come back Bilbo: You can promise that I'll come back?" Gandalf: No. And if you do, you will not be the same."

Just like Bilbo Baggins, I am going to return stronger!

And yes, I am Tolkien-obsessed! Think autistic/ADHD special interests!

I will walk the South West Coast Path - unsupported with a tent on my back! I hope you will follow my steps! I also want to fundraise for charity - the National Autistic Society.

Upon my return, I want to rent a pitch on a farm to continue my tent & nature adventure during the summer months. I would love to help on a farm to give something back because I know it will help me with trauma therapy during working still in my profession.

I also want to show that we can live happily without much of gadgets and possessions - just having enough and nature. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying things, and I will always support small and honest businesses. On that, more in my book too!

I'm also creating a series of YouTube videos about each of Sussex Wildlife Trust Reserves!

Watch this space!

Pumpkins and squash on a van
Rushfields, 2022 (by Dee Crute)
Phase 2 - VanLife

I cannot afford to rent my own place and have a vehicle. I need a car for mobility - I have regular medical appointments across the county for my complex needs, and during flare-ups when I can barely walk.

Also, I would like to have one for my adventures and travel writing.

The answer is - VanLife!

I am going to (somehow!) purchase a van and remake it into an eco-friendly adventure waggon and home, where I could, hopefully, write full time at some point!

I will still need to rent a room a few days a week to have a physical address and place to stay now and then - especially during van works.

The eco-friendly build will take some time as it requires some finances!

I could never understand why green options are so expensive! But that is an entirely different subject for another day!

red tuft plant in the meadow
Sheeps Sorrel, Saddlescombe (by Dee Crute)
Phase 3 - Creating balance

I want to purchase a small plot - not more than 100 sq metres, nor more expensive than £5k-£7k - and build on my own an eco-friendly home (large shepherd's hut size) with off-grid solutions, recycling, re-using, decreasing the amount of plastic and so forth, to show the simple living is the answer to wellbeing and environment.

I will write more about the reasons for this decision in my book.

The end goal is to work for myself in two to a few years' time to live the life that will make me happy and healthy and become a better person for my family. I have been so unwell due to the bullying during my life, and feel like a square peg being carved to fit in a round hole.

I say - no more.

And I want to help you find your way of embracing your neurodiversity and living your best life!

With love,


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댓글 2개

2023년 3월 23일

Wow! I’m blown away by your positive attitude and creativity. I love this list! Dee you are amazing and I have every faith in you 💚

Dee Crute
Dee Crute
2023년 3월 23일
답글 상대:

Thank you so much! That means so much to me 😍🥰

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