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The Soul’s Aspect by Mark Holloway REVIEW

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The Soul’s Aspect ©Shipshape Smithy

Do I recommend this book? 

Yes! Every fantasy reader should have this book on their shelves. 


Wow. What an excellent book. It made me feel every emotion and then some. One of my favourite things were the relationships between the male characters. They are caring and honest, and when was the last time you read a book where the male main character referred to his friend as beloved? Exactly. I am a sucker for a soft male character, and Kellum fits that perfectly, soft but never weak. I think he is going to become one of my favourites. I am not going to say anymore as I think you should go in knowing as little as possible. 


Did I enjoy it? 

Hell yes! 


Any criticisms? 

There is a lack of female characters, but I’m hoping that will change in the second book. 


Will I read the sequel? 

If I wasn’t buddy reading another book, I would have already started it. 


Final Notes - Watch out for the medical scene that opens the book. I don’t know how graphic it is because I skipped it, but it went on for a while! 



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The Soul’s Aspect by Mark Holloway ©Shipshape Smithy

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