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Teacup Tearooms - as simple as that...

And a bit more refined and sophisticated as...

While the whole world is burning, we are soaked through with bleak and dreary weather here in the UK.

Craving cosiness, I close my eyes and reminisce when I felt content, relaxed and safe.

One picture comes to my mind...

scone and cream on poppy coloured saucer
Teacup Tea Room, Mevagissey, ©Dee Crute

Watercolour poppies painted over the saucer; the comforting tinkling sound of pouring tea...

Steam rising from the teacup, mingling with the 1930s music in the air - the ephemeral permeates the reality...

Just as then, just as now, I forget about the outside world.

I forget everything.

There are only a few places that can do that to you...

Bah! I can sense scepticism - okay, I agree, overly poetic, but trust me and stay with me!

Read on!

The Teacup Tearoom in Mevaiggessey - deserve a lyrical description to recount accurately one's experience!

Ideal for family time - furry members included - a date or a solo call.

Perfect for a hygge, book and coffee session, traditional tea, luncheon, cake indulgence, or catch-up with your bestie.

cake counter with glass domes on it, board reads gluten free
Teacup Tea Room, Mevagissey, ©Dee Crute

Upon the threshold, you and your fluff are greeted by the owner - pup gets a snack, and you can choose a doggy blanket from the basket and place it under the table - where doggos are asked to stay throughout your visit.

Tablecloths are changed for every customer, and tables are adorned with vases of fresh flowers.

Sat at your table, you have an elegantly looking - and divinely smelling - my favourite Lavender - sanitising gel - a little touch in the post-Covid world.

Now, I know it is not easy to focus on the menu as you want to appraise every nook and cranny!

The place has cottagecore vibes! Chalky white dressers with snuggled vintage jars brimmed with biscuits, marshmallows and delicious sundries! Caddies, pouches and boxes of tea and coffee! Books and local crafts!

Truly a local beacon where everyone is welcomed!

You are nudged by your companion, "Have you chosen yet?"

muffins under the glass dome
Teacup Tea Room, Mevagissey, ©Dee Crute

The menu would satisfy anyone - you look around, spying on what others ordered to help you choose...

Cripsy bap with zesty avocado and crunchy bacon. Towered traditional cream tea. What about those beautiful cakes on display? Mini Bakewell tarts, Raspberry and Peach Muffins, Cherry Pie! Oh, and gluten-free scones!

Everything looks so scrumptious, and you can't have all? But can you not?

Perhaps, not on the first visit! But I will definitely revisit this part of the world, only if to try the other goodies from the menu and cakes!

But this time, I ordered a traditional scone, and don't you dare call it a cliché thing to do in Cornwall!

These homemade scones were the most delicious I have ever had!

Served with strawberry jam and a generous portion of clotted cream - everything is locally sourced and made!

I don't know about you, but for me, how the food is served is as important as the food itself. Everything was top-notch; vintage silverware - a cream spatula to scoop your cream from the ramekin and the wide knife to slather it onto your golden scone.

boxes of tregothan tea on display
Teacup Tea Room, Mevagissey, ©Dee Crute

Despite Teacup Tearooms serving a plethora of teas - including one of my favourite rare Russian Caravan - I went for something even more special!

Tregothnan Earl Grey - the very first English-grown tea! Even a flake in your ice cream cannot be more Britsh than this!

And whilst you are enjoying your meal, you can purchase the jam, Tregothnan tea and other delectable rarities!

Once the magic bubble bursts, you probably think about the cost of such an experience... Don't fret! When West Country emulates French Riviera prices, you are part of the local community - the prices are sane, and I would pay more for such goodness!

Now, the thing is - there are no bookings - walk-ins only, and the place is very, VERY popular. I was lucky enough to get a table upon my first attempt. But you know what? This place is getting more interesting and covetable for that reason. Otherwise, you could come in between rush hours.

What are you waiting for!?

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