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Love Cake:

Updated: Jan 9

Step into a world of cosiness magic that will stop time and take you onto the highest levels of delight.

A quaint cafe and deli nestled away from the town roar yet just around the corner of the Swanage Centre and the Harbour, where you can enjoy anything from breakfast, lunch, cake or tipple surrounded by a shabby chic interior.

Do you Love Cake? I do. So much so that I broke all my pledges and vows not to plan anything during my charity 630-mile walking adventure. But I heard of this place and succumbed to check their website. There was something about this place - a welcoming vibe calling me in like a siren.

I had to rejiggle my whole trekking schedule to wait for their opening, and by Jove, I'm glad I did it!

Once I crossed its threshold, I instantly fell in love with the place!

I found myself in a world made of French Cafe 'sur place' where you savour every sip of your coffee and the charm of English Farm Shop with the plethora of curiosities and delicacies.

If you are into Cottage Core, Alice in Wonderland, or Hygge aesthetics, you must visit this place! Even if that means a trek from the other side of the country.

This place is truly a creation of love - despite business, every customer was given time and attention, and I felt like one and only there!

The staff created an atmosphere so pleasant that I immediately felt at ease. I was shown to my table and helped with my humongous trekking backpack.

Service was as swift as an arrow - but not pressing. I received my pot of refreshing Earl Grey served in dainty china in no time.

I was about to take out my laptop to kill some time before the arrival of my breakfast. Yet, once again, the swift service was beyond all expectations!

I was brought a plate of something that surely I did not order?

This beautifully plated art could not be my breakfast? How are they managing it? I suspect they must have a dozen Michelin-star chefs working somewhere?

My sourdough bread with avocado mash and grilled halloumi - a popular breakfast choice lately - was not what you are served everywhere (yes, this dish is virtually served in every cafe now).

Topped with the most delectable sweet chilli jam and micro herbs - I cannot tell what it was - perhaps pea shoots? It was fresh and sweet and just perfect! Not to even mentioned the boho swirl of another deliciousness around your plate! Do not ask me about its taste - I cannot tell you - because this seemingly simple feast was so complex and balanced that you cannot separate the ingredients - just as single notes form a beautiful symphony of taste.

I must admit - the portion was definitely beating the modern cuisine norm - it was enough to satisfy me! And despite my small size, I have a lion's stomach, and after hiking, I could eat a horse with its hoves, tack and rider! And yet! I was full! Just perfect…

But… If you ever cross the door of this emporium, you will feel me… Hampers, deli, booze (I could sell my soul to stay there and enjoy my afternoon with a little tipple), teas, and… your undoing… Cakes… Plethora, cornucopia, kill me for using cliches, I can be your martyr, I don't care, it is worth it…

Cakes, cakes, more cakes… fresh, moist, beautiful.

I shouldn't. I really should not! I will regret it!! Heck!

Condemn me to the third circle of hell, my sin may be a gluttony, but I care not - my bargain (can you even do that?) at the gate of hell will be that they looked heavenly! And yes! Zeus! Indeed!

So many to choose from... Decisions...

I ordered Elderflower polenta cake and was transported to heaven - although the residents were not happy about it and kicked me back to earth.

Upon return, it was time to pay the bill - sorry, what? Only £16?

For two pots of tea, breakfast and cake?

That cannot be! I don't know their secret, but they are genuine foodies who love their craft - and craft it is!

I was sorry to go, many things are calling me back to Dorset, and Love Cake is one of them… I will be back…

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