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Friday 13th...

Dreary, drab, dull and bleak January has been…

Are you tired of repetition? Being stultified? Bored?

The time has come for our imagination to conjure a whimsical world to kill the monotony!

From the shadows, brass textures and the taste of copper are slowly materialising…

Are your dreams oddly infused with this peculiar sensation?

Or is this happening?

You can hear a pattern of sound; grinding gears.

The mist is all around you.

Bronze, metallic shine emerges from the fog when you realise it is steam.

Steam from an engine, a machine, a fantastic contraption is coming closer and closer…

Escape the conventional and experience mystique and rarity.

Rotating propellers.

Mysterious dials.

Quirky goggles.

Immerse yourself into the realm of Howl’s Moving Castle and Jules Verne.

But that’s not all.

You look around and see top hats bobbin on a russet fog.

Elaborate corsets and intricate pocket watches gleam through the ochre light.

Enter the cathedral of learning, and immerse yourself in curiosity. Allow yourself to be taken by the allure of anachronistic science, natural philosophy, taxidermy, and geology.

A terracotta Romanesque treasure trove is awaiting you.

Become an equal of Byron, Mary Shelly, Dickens and even Sherlock Holmes; enter the elegant world of Dorian Grey, The Secret History and If We Were Villains.

Let us create a supernatural and mystique world surrounded by history, books and dark academia.

Join me on my next London Adventure!

Sunday, January 15th, 2023!

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