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Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer REVIEW

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Kindle book against the red brick backdrop and yellow flowers
Braiding Sweetgrass ©Shipshape Smithy

Do I recommend this book? 

Yes I do, I think it is a book that everyone should read. 


One of the key themes of Braiding Sweetgrass is gratitude, and I don’t think we practice it enough. By highlighting our need to be grateful to nature, the book changed my perspective and attitude toward nature. Combine that with botany, history, and personal memories, and you have a wonderful book. The author’s love for nature and plants really shines through, and that was something I loved. There is nothing better than feeling someone’s passion come through in their writing. 


Did I enjoy it? 

Very much so.


Any criticisms? 

It is quite long, but I dipped in and out while reading other books, and that broke it down nicely. It can also be a little bit repetitive. 


Will I read it again? 

Yes. There are certain chapters that enchanted me that I want to listen to again. 


P.S. I highly recommend the audiobook that Kimmerer narrates.


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