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How does it work?

The Club is free and always will be!

Everyone here is equal - there are no tiers.

You can become a site member to partake in more private discussions.

  • Armchair Traveller

  • Intrepid Explorer

  • Indomitable Champion

  • Or anything you come up with!

Ways to Join & Enjoy the Club

Follow my research and preparations from the Adventure Log!

Enjoy the Fantasy, Adventure, and Dark Academia aesthetics I created for each adventure; perhaps you can create your own!

Watch how the adventure unfolds - or rewatch on Instagram Highlights.

And read all upon Dee's return and Log update! And enjoy photographs!

Armchair Traveller

Intrepid Explorer

Why not plan your own adventure?

Or even share it here - just use the Adventure Box!

Don't be intimidated by the word!

We change the adventure definition here!

Last year, I hiked and wild camped for 71 days, but I started by just leaving the house and exploring around the 'block' at times due to autism and anxiety but sometimes due to physical disability. with time, I increased my radius, and my courage and hunger for the unknown grew!

You CAN do it! Start Small!

If you feel daunted - we are here for you, partake in chat!

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The Itinerary

  • The New Adventure will be announced on Instagram and through Dispatches each month (you can subscribe here). 

  • This briefing will be well in advance so you can partake in research of your own!

  • All your findings can be submitted via Adventure Box.

  • Research & Preparations: A few days before the Adventure, The Adventure Log will be updated with what we will need, what to explore and background information.

Unlock The Adventure Log!

steampunk hot air balloon blueprint_edit

The Itinerary

  • On Adventure Day, you can follow it live (subject to internet connection at the location!) through Instagram Stories!

  • Or REPLAY on Instagram Highlights.

  • A couple of days after the Adventure Log and Instagram will be updated with out findings (do send your own observations!) and photography!


Any Endeavour with an Unexpected Outcome.

Thus - it can be anything! 

I've used this definition to cope with autistic intolerance to changes, swapping anxiety over the unknown for excitement and "pretending" to be indomitable adventuress when faced with challenges. 

Our Definition of

Indomitable Champion

Want to see a change?

Tell me what you want to see!

All people are different, neurodiverse, physically disabled, and from different walks of life or corners of the world!


To make the Outdoor and adventure Industry more accessible and inclusive, I need to know what barriers you face so I can work with the industry on specific aims. 


Drop me an email, partake in the questionnaire, poll or discussion in the member's area!

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The Introverts Adventure Club

🪨 "Then something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wished to go and see the great mountains, and hear the pine trees and the waterfalls, and explore the caves, and wear a sword instead of a walking stick".- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit 🪵




Adventure Core




Dark Academia





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